Monday, 7 March 2011

Perverts, gay boyfriends and suicidal dogs


I am sure you were worried because I didn’t write you all these days. Well, you can relax now I am fine. I just had a very rough couple of weeks.

I had to go to the police, talk with my lawyers, go to my school’s counselor and talk to a couple of psychologists. No, don’t worry; I didn’t get in any trouble. I just had to go and testify.

I really don’t know why, but Mr. Collins got arrested. I can’t understand some people. They say he sexually assaulted some students, but I can’t believe he could do something like that. He was so nice and caring to all of us. I testified against him, as my parents and shrinks suggested, but I think he is innocent. I talked with Sara and my other BFF, Valerie, and they believe he is guilty. I really think that people can’t make out good from evil.

Well a lot of things happened these past weeks. Apart from Mr. Collins and the charges against him, I had to deal with a new dog coming to our house, another of my mother’s breakdown and breaking up with my boyfriend. I know I haven’t mentioned him before, but I wanted to get to know you first, before I got into personal information. Well, my boyfriend is at the same age, goes to me school and his dad is a cardio surgeon. We’ve been dating for almost two years now, but yesterday I told him I got bored of him. The truth is I kinda did, but to be completely honest, is that I can’t have a boyfriend who listens to dupstep music. I know its hot now, and even Britney made a dubstep album, but I think it’s stupid and annoying. See, I want my boyfriend to listen to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and watch Glee and Gossip Girl. I don’t know why is so difficult to find someone like that. They are all so stupid, and we have nothing in common.

The dog we took home is a Chihuahua, her name is Princess III and she is a granddaughter of Paris Hilton. You know, one of her dogs gave birth, and she begged me to take a puppy home, she can’t walk 57 Chihuahuas at once. We had a dog before, Queen Victoria, so I know how to take care of one. It’s sad; she fell off my balcony, when she saw the new Lady Gaga music video.

My mom had a breakdown because her cosmetics company was a failure; like she didn’t know! She sold some homemade face masks to some friends of my grandmas, and they had their faces burning for days. Thank God, they won’t sue us; she is paying for their plastic surgeries.

Gotta go now; cheer up my mother. We’ll probably be watching «The Real Housewives of Miami» all week. It makes her feel better watching acquaintances of hers looking so bad on TV.