Thursday, 14 July 2011

My sweet friend

Dear Agapy,

I don’t know why you didn’t reply me to my last mail; you’re probably very busy studying. You have exams now, right?

I am back with my routine now in NY. It’s kinda boring and common but I am glad I am back with my boyfriend, Sean. Remember when I told you I left him, because he wasn’t into Lady Gaga and Gossip Girl? Well, after months of searching, I realized the only guys that like Lady Gaga, Britney and CW shows are gay or really hard to find. I decided, I can stand my boyfriend until we graduate, and then I’ll ditch him, for a rich, blonde, lacrosse player.

Although I am back with my boyfriend, I am very frustrated because I had a fight with my best friend Valerie. It was definitely her fault. See, it is Sara’s birthday next week, and Valerie wants to throw a surprise party for her. I, on the other hand, want to call MTV and throw a huge “Sweet 16” party for our friend. Valerie says it’s too cheesy, and Sara would hate it, but I think it would be great and Sara will be thrilled. She doesn’t know her like I do. She’s been our friend only because we felt sorry for her, when her dad lost all his shares on the market and had to move from the Upper-East side.  I don’t know why she thinks she has a word here. She is supposed to speak only when she’s allowed to; I don’t know why she has to mingle all the time. Anyways, even though I am deeply irritated by Valerie’s actions, I think I might try to forgive her for Sara’s sake, after threating her first. If she doesn’t stop saying her opinion, I’ll tell everyone she buys clothes from “Macy’s”.

I am now preparing my summer vacations. I know I had a long spring break, but daddy said I can go whenever and wherever I want. I think he’s trying to be nice, because he’s I afraid I might tell mom I saw him in his car with his secretary, late last night. I know they were just talking about business because my dad is a very busy man and he’s working all day, but my mom is stupid and she won’t understand that. It’s not like he was with a whore, it was his secretary. Either way I wouldn’t tell her.

That’s all I have for now, I am so tired to write any more. You see, yesterday I stayed up all night reading Lauren Conrad’s latest book. I am such a huge fan, she is amazing.

I hope I hear back from you this time.