Saturday, 9 April 2011

Great... mind depth


I am sorry I lost touch. The truth is that I haven’t written for so long because I was kind of scared when you threatened me. I was pretty terrified, thinking that this pet organization, PETA, was going to come and take my baby dog away. I had nightmares about it. Even my valerians or yoga couldn’t calm me down.

Thank God, you were joking and nothing bad happened. Well, I am glad that you did, because now I know we are that close, we can pull a prank to each other once in a while. I might write you once, telling you that Sara came to school looking hotter than me, but of course you’ll know right away I’m kidding. I could tell you that I’ll move to Greece, but you wouldn’t believe me either, like I could live in a third world country. LOL.

These weeks were interesting I must say. My mom got me an audition for a TV commercial. I am not sure what it was about, but I know they loved me. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the part, but they said they’ll call me for a part in a movie. The movie is called “Great deeps”, and it’s about some girls who want to play in a TV show and they have to persuade some producers that they are talented enough! Oh gosh, I am gonna be so great if I get the part! I really think I might get an award for it! I don’t understand why they chose this title though. Maybe it’s referring to the great depth of the girls’ talent.

I should also tell you that Mr. Collins is in jail. I want to go and visit him but my parents won’t let me. He called me the other day at 2 o’clock in the morning asking me what I was wearing and if I could send him some pictures of me wearing my bikini, so he could take in prison. How sweet of him. I was really touched he wanted to have my photos to keep him company when he is lonely. I hope he will be feeling better when he looks at them. 

Well I gotta go now. I have to walk my dog to the living room and back. I wish I’ll make it in less than an hour this time!


PS. I am sending you one of the photos I sent Mr. Collins. I am wearing my favorite bikini in this one. In the others I was topless and there was nothing special about the bottoms I was wearing.

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