Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sara and the Mexican

«Dear Agapy,

You probably don’t know me, my name is Olive, I live in New York and I found your e-mail from a friend who befriended you on Facebook about two weeks ago! I wanna tell you how much I dislike you, hate you and loathe you because you are the most stupid individual on the entire world!
You’re probably surprised right now, but you should know that I am right and I have every right to express my hatred for you! 
It all started last week, when I got back from school, logged in on Facebook and saw a comment of yours on Sara’s status, who is our mutual friend, and also my best friend! Sara wrote that she thought she liked Julio, her gardener’s son: 
OMG! Can’t believe I have the hots 4 a Mexican! Especially a poor one! and you commented, “OMG! Can’t believe I befriended a racist rich girl”. 
You see, Julio is a Mexican! Well, not an ugly, filthy, disgusting one, but a hot, dark and tall Mexican, with six-packs, that even I could fall for! 
FYI, Sara is not a racist, Julio is a Mexican, and as her friend, I have to tell you why your comment was inappropriate! You see, a girl from the Upper-East side, can’t like a guy from South America, especially from Mexico, when she doesn’t even know where that is! 
If you want to know why that can’t happen, I can explain it to you, just because you’re from another country, and you probably don’t have Mexicans there.

  1.  Sara, as I mentioned, is from the Upper-East side and her dad is a lawyer.
  2. She already has a boyfriend, he is a Lacrosse player and his name is Ian.
  3. Julio is a Mexican! (As I pointed out many times already)
  4. Sara is white and they won’t color-match.
  5. Julio has the same name as her dog!
Do you still think she is a racist? You see why girls like us can’t be with people like them? Is it so absurd for Sara to be mad at herself for letting something like that ALMOST happen? And FYI she got over him very quickly, after watching a movie with J.Lo, called “Maid in Manhattan”! 
I hope you understood some things about her situation and I hope that next time you’ll be careful when you speak, especially when it’s none of your business!
So don’t be surprised when you notice that Sara has removed you from her friend list, but has not blocked you, cause she has a big heart!

Lots of hate,

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